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Our Victories…His Victories?


Sometimes, at the peak of our victory, we feel grief, we feel sorrow, we feel something is very wrong.

Sometimes, not always, in our striving for what we want, in our achieving, in our doing all that accomplishing requires, we push God aside, we ignore him, we neglect his dream for our own.

We have to right? God is so slow, it would seem?

Then after a time…after the striving is over, if we are willing to feel, then we feel his sorrow and we feel his grief. We mistake it for our weakness, then blame it on the devil.

But it is him we have grieved and we feel it within.



Knowing Jesus Christ


It is hard for me to talk about this topic without offending people who I love and do not want to offend in the slightest, wonderful people who love and serve God with humility and sincerity. This post is not aimed at anyone in particular, it is aimed at myself as much as it is others.

It seems like whenever I write about church meetings  or ministry strategies that pastors and those loyal to pastors (of which I am one) question my motives.  But…I believe that God wants me to share this with Christians, so let me say it in writing on my little space on the web.

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N.T. Wright Quote

The very people who seem most eager to tell others what to do are the people who should take a long look in the mirror before they begin. The temptation to look down on each other for moral failures is itself a temptation to play God. – N.T. Wright    

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