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Strengths… Not Gifts


Our personal intelligence, our emotional strength and our strength of personality are the enemies of our spiritual lives, they are not ‘spiritual gifts’.

Our personal boldness and eloquence are the enemies to any ministry in Christ, they are not ‘spiritual gifts’.

Our personal successes, triumphs and strengths are most often the stiff-arms which repel us from Christ.



A Spiritual Insight from Newlyweds


Recently three couples we know were married.  All three of these couples are Christians in their early 20’s.  After talking with these young couples I was reminded of a spiritual insight that I had forgotten.

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Looking for Guest Bloggers

I am looking for guest bloggers to write an article about Jesus Christ of any length, if that is you let me know. I want this blog to be a place where he is revealed not only by myself but by others. If you have something to share please comment below or message me at You […]

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